don't cry 4 me

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Do you remember all the times
When you would come to me in tears
Do you remember all the silly rhymes
I would say to hear your laughter cheer

All those many moments on only you
Where I gave you what you wanted,
But what I want you haven't a clue
You were pleased to get what you wanted

Did you not love me
The way that I loved you,
Could you just not see
Didn't you have just one clue

So now that I've come to grips
I simply must say,
When you cry do not expect my lips
To kiss the pain away

When your sad and blue
Don't turn to look behind,
For I will no longer be there behind you
To make the sun come out and shine

What you do un to others
Is what others do to you,
This feel of emotion makes me shudder
So I'll unleash it all upon you

I have but one last thing to say
And these are the words that will let it be,
Let it be what it was from the very first day,
When your tears are falling,Now Don't Cry For Me =)
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