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Chale jo Kadam Kadam Jo Saath mere
To uske Saath Se Pyaar ho jaye
Thame JO pyaar Se Haath Mera ,
To Apne Haath se Pyaar Ho Jaye
Jis Raat aaye Khwabo me wo,
Us Raat se Pyaar Ho jaye
Jis Baat me aaye Jikra Uska,
Us Baat Se Pyaar Ho Jaye
Jab Pukare Pyaar se mera naam,
To apne Naam se Pyaar Ho Jaye
Hota Hai Agar ItnA Khoobsurat ye
Pyaar Agar
To kaash Usey Bhi mere Pyaar se
Pyaar Ho Jaye...

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