Tourist places, Travel Places , outing places, visiting places in Karnataka from Bangalore

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No.PlaceRatingTypeDist.DirectionRoadFoodLodgeFood/ LodgePetrolOther   Places around RemarksDays Reqd.Months
Ref.    NoDistanceFromto
1Sri   Ram Betta*Piligrim50Mysore   - -GoodNoNo Ramanagara 1JanDec
2Rangasthala*Piligrim60CB   pura +GoodNoNo C.B.Pur530 1JunMar
3Savana   Durga*Hill 60Mysore   - - -PoorNoNo Magadi 1JunDec
4Ghati   Subramanya*Piligrim70DB   Pura +GoodNoNo DB   Pura1050 1JanDec
5Nandi   hills*Hill   station70CB   pura -GoodYesYesC/BC.B.Pur620 1JunMar
6Revanasiddesh   betta*Piligrim70Mysore   - -GoodNoNo Channapatna2020 1JanDec
7Shiva   gange*Piligrim70Tumkur   -GoodNoNo Tumkur1160 1JanDec
8Antharagange*Piligrim75KolarGoodNoNo Kolar425Hill   + Plateau1JunMar
9Chikka   Thirupathi*Piligrim75Kolar   - NoNo Hoskote 1JunMar
10Kanva   reservoir*Dam80Mysore   -GoodNoNo Channapatna19,   9360,   20 1JanDec
11Mekedatu***Ravine80Kanakapur+PoorNoNo Kanakapur3660Confluence   + Landscape1JanDec
12Kaivara**Piligrim85Kolar   -GoodNoNo Hoskote Landscape   +Zoo1JunMar
13Sheebi**Temple   Paintings90Tumkur   +GoodNoNo Tumkur Temple   with paintings1JanDec
14Devarayana   durga*Piligrim100Tumkur   -PoorNoNo Tumkur1220Spring   + Landscape1JanDec
15Kokkare   Belluru**Birds   sanctuary100Mysore   - -GoodNoNo Maddur2020 1JanDec
16Kudumalai*Piligrim100Kolar   +GoodNoNo Mulbagal110 1JunMar
17Melukote***Piligrim100Mysore   -GoodNoNo Mandya 1JanDec
18Muththathhi**River100Kanakapur   +PoorNoNo Kanakapur37,3840,0 3JanDec
19Vidurashwatha*Piligrim100DB   Pura +GoodNoNo DB   Pura930 1JanDec
20Sri   Rangapatna***Piligrim120Mysore   -GoodNoNo SR   patna15,17,186,10,25 1JanDec
21Bheemeswari**River125Kanakapur   +PoorYesYesA/AKanakapur360River   +Landscape1JanDec
22Karighatta***Piligrim125Mysore   -GoodNoNo SR   patna16,17,186,15,30 1JanDec
23Shivasamudram****Water   fall125Kanakapur   +GoodNoNo Kanakapur36,37,38,4040,40,40,40 1JunNov
24Ranganathittu***Birds   sanctuary130Mysore   -GoodNoNo SR   patna15,16,186,0,20 1JanDec
25Adi   chunchanagiri*Piligrim140Hassan   - -GoodNoNo Highway 1JanDec
26Lepakshi*Piligrim140CB   pura ++GoodNoNo C.B.Pur6,820,50Roof   paintings1JunMar
27Mahadevapura***River140Mysore   -GoodNoNo Sri   Rangapatna Landscape1JanDec
28Mysore***Historical140Mysore GoodYesYesB/AMysore Zoo   + Hill + Art. gal +.2JanDec
29Shravana   Belugola***Piligrim140Hassan   -GoodNoNo C.R.Patna 1JanDec
30Hogenakal***Water   fall150Salem   -GoodNo YesC/BDharmapuri 1JanDec
31KRS,   Balamuri**Barrage150Mysore   -GoodNoNo SR   patna15,16,176,0,5 1JanDec
32Mudukuthore***Piligrim150Kanakapur   +GoodNoNo Malavalli400River1JanDec
33Talakadu****Piligrim150Kanakapur   +GoodNoNo Malavalli39,4120,30Sand   dunes + River1Jan Dec
34Chunchana   katte**Water   fall160Mysore+PoorNoNo Chunchankatte9340 2JanDec
35Kadiri*Piligrim160CB   pura ++GoodNoNo C.B.Pur6,720,50 1JunMar
36Nanjanagudu***Piligrim160Mysore   +GoodNoNo Nanjangudu 1JanDec
37T.   Narasipur***Piligrim170Kanakapur   +GoodNoNo T.   Narasipur Confluence 1JanDec
38Sathanur   dam***Dam175KrishnagiriGoodnoNo 10225 1JanDec
39Somanathapur****Archeology175Kanakapur   +GoodNoNo Bannur Sculptures1JanDec
40Hemagiri**Water   fall200Hassan   - -GoodNoNo KR   pet 1JanDec
41Ramanathapura**Piligrim200Mysore+PoorNoNo 940 2JanDec
42Tiruvannamalai***Piligrim200KrishnagiriGoodnoNo 10325 1JanDec
43Halebeedu****Archeology210Hassan   +GoodNoNo Hassan5120,   30 2Jan Dec
44B.   R . Hills****Hill   station220Kollegal   +GoodYesYesC/CKollegal3640Landscape3JanDec
45Bandipur****Wild   life220Mysore   +GoodYesYesB/BGundlupet30,3120,20 2OctJun
46Gopalaswamy   betta****Piligrim220Mysore   +GoodNoNo Gundlupet29,3020,40Landscape 2Jan Dec
47Harangi****Landscape220Mercara   -GoodNoNoC/BKushalnagar23,24,2580,100,0Dam   + Landscape2JanDec
48Nisarga   Dhama****Land   scape220Mercara   -GoodYesYesC/BKushalnagar23,24,2680,100,60River   + Island2OctJun
49Kabini****Wild   life230Mysore   +GoodYesYesA/AMysore Coracle   ride2OctJun
50Nagarahole****Wild   life230Mercara   -GoodYesYesC/BHunsur2420 2OctJun
51Belur***Archeology240Hassan   +GoodNoNo Hassan43,5120,30 2JanDec
52Mudumalai****Wild   life240Mysore   +GoodYesYesB/BGundlupet29,310,20 2OctJun
53Yercaud****Hill   station240SalemGoodYesYesB/ASalem Boating3Jan Dec
54Bababudangiri****Hill   station250Hassan   ++GoodNoNo Chikkamagalur52,53,54,570,30,60,20 3OctJun
55Irpu****Water   fall250Mercara   -GoodNoNo Hunsur230 2OctJun
56Kemmannugundi****Hill   station260Hassan   ++GoodYesYesC/BChikkamagalur   Land scape + Waterfalls3OctJun
57Kudrehabbe***Landscape260ChikmagalurGoodNoNo Chikmagalur58   (53 to 59)60(????) 3OctFeb
58Talakaveri****Land   scape260Mercara   +GoodYesYesB/BMercara25,260,30Landscape 2JanDec
59Bhadra****Wild   life270Hassan   ++Good Chikkamagalur 2OctJun
60Manikyadhara***Water   fall270Hassan   ++GoodNoNo Chikkamagalur550 3OctJun
61Muthodi****Wild   life270Hassan   ++GoodYesYesC/BChikkamagalur 2OctJun
62Subramanya****Piligrim275Hassan   ++GoodYesYes Sakleshpur67,6830,50Landscape3OctJun
63M.   M. Hills ****Piligrim280Kollegal   +GoodYesYesB/BKollegal3640Landscape3JanDec
64Bisle****Hill   station300Hassan   + NoNo Sakleshpur66,6840,70Landscape2OctJun
65Gajanur**Barrage300Shimoga     +GoodNoNo Shimoga6520 3JanDec
66Horanadu****Piligrim300Hassan   +++GoodYesYesB/CChikkamagalur60 3JanDec
67Mandagadde***Birds   sanctuary300Shimoga     + NoNo Shimoga6450 3SepMar
68Shringeri***Piligrim350Hassan   +++GoodYesYesB/CChikkamagalur 3OctJun
69Ulvi Birds   sanctuary300Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Koppa58,59 3OctJun
70Nagar*Archeology320Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Anandpur 3OctDec
71Ooty****Hill   station320Mysore   ++GoodYesYesA/AOoty29,30,310,0,20Landscape3JanDec
72Coonoor****Hill   station340Ooty   +GoodYesYesB/BYes29,30,31,320,20,0,0Landscape3JanDec
73Ikkeri***Archeology340Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Sagar63,   85, 8760,30,30 3OctDec
74Keladi***Archeology340Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Sagar63,85,   8660,30,30 3OctDec
75Dharmasthala****Piligrim350Hassan   ++GoodYesYesB/CSakleshpur66,6750,30Landscape   + River3OctJun
76Hampi***Historical350 Good 3OctDec
77Hampi**Archeology350BellaryGoodYesYes 99,100 3OctFeb
78Kudremukh***Hill   station350Hassan   +++GoodYesYesB/BKudremukh59 3OctJun
79Mantralaya**Piligrim350BellaryGoodYesYes 98,99 3OctFeb
80T.B.   Dam**Dam350BellaryGoodYesYes 98,100 3OctFeb
81Varadahalli****Landscape350Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Sagar63,   86, 8760,30,30 3OctDec
82Agumbe****Hill   station357Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo 3OctJun
83Moodabidiri***Archeology360Mangalore   -GoodNoNo 3OctJun
84Gudavi***Birds   sanctuary375Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Soraba63,64,65,85,86,87 3OctJun
85Humbucha**Archeology380Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo 3OctJun
86Jog****Water   fall380Shimoga     ++GoodNoNo Sagar64,65,85,86,87 3Jun Nov
87Karkala***Archeology380Mangalore   -GoodNoNo 3OctJun
88Kaup***Beach380Mangalore   +GoodNoNo 3OctDec
89St.   Mary's Island***Landscape386 GoodNoNo 4OctDec
90Katil**Piligrim387Mangalore   -GoodNoNo 4OctJun
91Devarahole****River400Sirsi   +GoodNoNo Sirsi95,   9630,   30Landscape3OctFeb
92Magodu   falls****Water   fall400Sirsi   +GoodNoNo Sirsi95,   9730,30Water   fall & landscape3OctFeb
92Mrudeshwara****Piligrim400Honnavar   +GoodYesYesC/B Beach4OctJun
93Satodi   falls****Water   fall400Sirsi   +GoodNoNo Sirsi96,9730,   30Water   fall & landscape3OctFeb
94Udupi***Piligrim415Mangalore   +GoodYesYesB/BUdupi 4OctJun
95Honnavar**Piligrim425Mangalore   ++GoodYesNo Honnavar 3OctDec
96Gokarna**Piligrim460Honnavar   +GoodNoNo Beach4OctJun
97Maravanthe****Beach467Mangalore   +GoodNoNo Maravanthe 3OctJun
98Badami   & Aihole****Caves500 4JanDec
99Kollur***Piligrim500Shimoga    +++GoodYesYesC/CAnandapur 3OctJun
100Kollur   forest****Wildlife520Shimoga   +++GoodNoNo Anandapur 3OctJun
101Yana****Landscape580 NoNo 4OctJun
102Gokak   falls **Water   fall Good 4OctDec
103Varaahi****Landscape 4OctDec
104Koravangala**Archeology200Hassan+Goodnono Hassan 2OctMay
105Ridge**Landscape250Hassan+Goodnono Sakleshpur 2OctMay
106Mosale**Archeology200Hassan+GoodnoNo Holenarasipur 2OctMay
107Doddagadduvalli**Archeology200Hassan+GoodnoNo 2OctMay
108Munnar****Hill station550Erode+++GoodNoNoA/AMunnar 5OctMay

Tourist Travel outing visiting places Karnataka Bangalore
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 Useful one. Thanks a ton to Amit. But I dont understand the acronyms A,B & c that u specified against Food/Lodge.
 By : Kiruthi on Mar 18, 2008 09:41 am
 Hi Kiruthi
These are ratings ( A means excellent , B means very good , C means good like that
 By : Admin on Mar 19, 2008 09:13 am
 Hi Good one Amith

really helpful for people to move around the weekends.. excellent. Just a suggestion.. tehre are at list 25 tourist locations.. you may want to list them here.. Like Karwar, Dandeli, Magod etc.. try it out.. over all its an excellent info
 By : Arun on Apr 06, 2008 01:00 am
 its all in Karwar dist
 By : Arun on Apr 06, 2008 01:01 am
 Hi Dude.......
Nice website . Its helps me a lot for my weekends.
Thanks dude. Keep it up .
 By : Mithun on Jun 03, 2008 03:27 am
 Hi amit

this info is excellant .I have one suggestion if you can provide links also with place name :) that will help to overview of place
 By : Priyanka on Jul 22, 2009 03:27 am
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 By : EagleeyeHoliday on Dec 06, 2010 05:39 am
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 By : sathriyan on Mar 22, 2013 07:54 am
 Visit for more places..
 By : Rakshith on Dec 05, 2014 07:01 am
 I saw your post on which topic is related to mine.
 By : Paul Walker on Jul 13, 2020 09:12 am
 By : Abhinav Srivastava on Jul 13, 2020 09:15 am
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