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Hello Guys,

I am looking for an appropriate buyer from my online web directory as i am not able to devote enough time due to some other official boundings.

The directory is pretty new and provides number of sections like Hotel Reservation, Mobile Content, Add Url, etc  while some of them been affiliated with industry leaders.

If interested or with any queries please feel free to get in contact with me at
- and - if not interested ;) well just have fun by visiting our jokes section ;)

Nilesh Vaidya
Hotel Reservation , Hotel Booking, Flight Booking, Cruises, Ringtones, Videos, Mobile Phone Games, Java Games, Add Url, Add link
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email :
phone : 91 9819109300 (India)
website :
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 Yes I am interested , can i have one demo ? Plz tell me your asking price.
 By : Marc canter on Aug 30, 2006 08:36 am
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