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Haryanvi Dictionary
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Aala: A low level shelving unit
Aankh Dookhni: A viral/bacterial eye infection, no you can't fake this one easily!
Aarta: A kodak moment for the best looking female of the host family
Aldgoja: Flute, bansuri, aaj
Andy/Andi: It falls in to the same category as daaki but a modernized one.
Baankali : A serving made after the geets. It's the boiled chana with salt and very tasty.
Baarothi: A cinderella moment for the bride
Bachiya : Cow's female offspring
Bachra: Cow's male offspring
Bagad: An open inner courtyard
Baggi: Bull cart
Balad: Ox
Baladh: Bull
Baldakisu: Swear by ox!!!
Baliyaan: Baniyaan
Baraf: Local form of ice-cream
Baroola: A earthen home made pitcher with wider mouth then panndha water pitcher
Bateu: A generic term used for male guest and sometimes a synonym for jamaai
Bathua: Weed , used for human consumption also in saag and raita
Beejna: Hand fan
Bharota: Bundle of jowar/bajra
Bhojra: Small bushes generally in the corner of the field
Bhoond: Bugs
Bijaar: An abandoned bull
Bilaangani: Wall to wall string to hang almost everything.
Biloni: Earthen pot used to churn butter and make seet
Bilutane: Kittens
Bitoda : A triangular storage for gosay
Bookal Marna: To wrap around to get cozy
Botru: Baby male camel
Buggi: Cart pulled by a jhotta
Buhaari: Broom
Bukhar: You have a high fever, perhaps malaria
Chamassa: Rainy season/monsoon
Chhaj: Used for cleaning of wheat
Chhath: Roof
Chhathi: Celebrated on the 6th day after the birth of a boy .
Chhipkali: Lizard
Chhuchhak: Like a baby shower in the west
Chilaam: Earthen made sigar head hold tomacco and heat
Chontry: A bench near your doorstep, birthplace of grapevine
Choonghna: To chew
Chooran: A homeopathic concoction for all ailments
Choorma : A jat delicacy made of ghee, sugar and bread
Chotkar: Chilka, peel
Chubaara: Obra on the first floor
Chukchunder: Bat
Chulha Nyot: Everyone in the family is invited
Chyanhni: Funeral place
Daadas : Your husband's father's mother
Daak: Jump
Daaki: A mast guy who does great things are very popular
Damhooi: Double headed snake
Dandh: Teeth
Dandri: Childs teeth
Dangar : Animal stock
Dheed: End product of eye infection or drainage
Dheera: Headlice, big one ,adult louse
Dhiday: Eye
Dholaan: Plump baby girl
Dhooma : Smoke
Dhoti: Wrap skirt of tau
Dilli Suba: A term commonly referred to jat villages around Delhi
Doga/Baint: Tau's alter ego, a wooden stick
Dola : Divider between fields
Doob: Weed / grass
Dtc: Mode of transportation for jat boys and girls from dilli
Dust: Opposite of kabaj
Eendhi: Small ring made of cloth to carry pot on the head
Gaal: Gali, alley
Gaawdi: Cow
Gabha: Old, worn out clothes
Gabsua: Safety pin
Gandasa : Machine to cut fodder
Gande: Sugarcane
Gantha: A jat veggie delicacy, main dish,onion
Geendo: Ball
Geetan Aali: Lugaai with her congregation
Ghaiti: Neck
Ghoodchadhi : A kodak moment for the groom
Gobar: Cow dung
Gode : Knee
Gojh: Pocket
Gonda : Pathway between fields
Goodad: Old, worn out clothes, turned into a mattress
Goomdi: Mosquito bite turned septic
Goothi : Ring
Gosa: Dungcake (bit thick)
Gosay : Jumbo size cow dung cake
Guhera: Another type of chhipkali
Gulafu : Cheeks
Gunguna: Concentrated reet!
Gusalkhana: Bathroom/restroom
Guthali: Hard sheel seed in fruit
Haara: A clay oven (uses gosay)
Haart(Heart) Ki Beemari: O boy, this one needs attention!
Hailey: Place to keep domestic animals and store harvest
Harat : Persian wheel (for watering the fields)
Harduaar: The ultimate health spa, and place for redumption of all sins
Haryana : Birthplace of jat
Haryana Roadways: Space shuttle that connects haryana with dilli suba, and paar
Hooka : A community sigar of tau
Jaadaa: Cold winters
Jat: A handsome, brave, honest, hard working, stubborn, easily provoked, male of robust physique, found in Haryana, Paar, Dilli suba, and Rajasthan
Jatni: A female form of the above - only more beautiful... Also known as lugaai
Jeeli, Kassi, Kuhadi, Kasola: Agricultural implements  also used as weapons at times
Jeevda: Rope
Jersey : Full sleeves sweater
Jewda: The rope made of sann to tie jhotta aur baladh
Jhaalra, Kanthi, Hasli: Jewellery, precious treasures of women
Jhakoi: A good sambodhan in haryanwi for the guy who is not going according to one's will or similar
Jhod: The village pond, swimming pool, and communal laundromat
Jhoti: Buffalo
Jhotta: Male buffalo
Jimanwwar : Invitation of food party during marriages
Joom: Mid size head lice - pupa
Jukhaam: When reet starts flowing freely
Jumpher: Shirt
Jungle: Passage of stool...also known as number 1...
Jurrab: Socks
Kaag: Crow
Kaatna: Make thread on charkha
Kabaj : When you can't do jungle!
Kaka: Uncle
Kaki: Aunt
Kalaash: Home made black eye color
Karelkant: Chameleon
Kassan : Utensil
Katiya: Buffalo's daughter
Katra: Buffalo's son
Khaancha: Kichadd, when it gets slippery and muddy after rain
Khaaj/Khasotni: Itching
Khaat: Cot or chaarpaai (Typically, woven jute)
Khaata Ghol : Process by which a favorite seasonal recipe (raabdi) is made
Khaatee/Peetay Ghar Ka/Ki: A polite description of a plump boy/man/woman
Khasra: Measles
Khatooli: A smaller version of khaat
Khausde: Old worn out shoes
Khandaka: Turban of tau
Khoota: You all know this, i hope
Khooti: An in-built, multipurpose wooden hanger, found throughout the jat dwelling
Kiwaad : Door
Kolhu: Device to take out juice from sugarcane and make gud.
Kootru : Dog
Kudta/Jamphar: Designer shirt of tai
Kui: Well a water reservior of house serves few people with nerrow mouth
Kunda/Kundi: Door lock
Kuwaad/Darwja : Door
Lakad : Wood
Lapsi: Dish
Lath: Jat's missile defence system...a wooden log - if you see one run for your life...
Latoor : Hairs
Latte: Clothes
Lattu Chasna: Switch on the light bulb
Lawara: The young of buffalo or jhotta generally upto 4-5 months only
Leetre (Khonsde): Worn out footwear
Lhasi/Seet : Home made skimmed milk
Lheekh: Nit -larva of head lice
Lihaaf: Quilt or rajaai
Londhon: As in england, description of an exotic place
Maata: Chicken pox
Mail Khora: Earthen made scrubber
Meeh: Rain
Mori: Same as patnaal
Motijhaara: A childhood communicable disease
Moulasara: Your husband' mother's, brother
Muh Dikhai: A belated fee for the 3d view of the bride
Munji: Kanjoos (miser)
Naahu: Nails
Naakasi: Kind of local prade of the groom around the village with songs
Naariya: Ox
Nakta-Nakti: A person having small nose
Nandau : Your husband' sister's husband
Nasti: Nose
Nayonda: Invitation
Neeju: Rope
Neol: Mongoose
Noon: Salt
Nyaar: Fodder
Nyam-Shyam: A free thing from the shopkeeper along with the bought material.
Obra: Smaller room adjacent to saal
Olay: Hails
Oot: Naughty
Paadkala: Staircase
Paar: Another name for up
Palpatton: Small grape size fruite
Palwa: A small bowl with a long handle used to take hot milk out of 'kadhawni'
Pandha: Earthen local made water pitcher
Pansli Mai Darad : Reet has entered your lungs and you need to see a doctor
Paras: Community resthouse of village
Peedha: A smaller version of the Khaat, to sit on
Phookni: Metal pipe used for blowing air in chulha
Phupsara: Your husband' father's sister's husband
Pilurae: Puppies
Puni: Jab reet naak mein latka kare us ne puni kaha kare.
Raach: Things.
Raasa/Raasi: Home made rope
Reet: Snort
Rohtak : Lifeline of haryana "Texas"
Saag: Vegetable
Saakal : Door nob
Saal/Dalaan: Master bedroom facing bagad
Saangad: Pointed metal part of jeeli
Saanni : A delicious mixtures of fodder for pets like jhotta, baladh etc
Saanp: Snake
Sagaai: Ring back guarantee is no longer effective
Saud: Quilt
Shyaana: Clever (but not popular) person
Sir Mai Bhadak: Genuine headache
Sir Mai Darad : Commonly used excuse
Suthani : Underwear/shorts
Suthra-Suthari: Handsome - beautiful
Taand: A high level shelving unit in the saal
Taang : Leg
Taap: You don't have fever yet, but can use the excuse
Tai : An elderly woman traveling along the same route as tau
Taisara: Your husband's father's older brother
Takthi: Slate children used to carry to school
Tau: An elderly man, with lot of time on hand, often found traveling in haryana roadways, asking directions for Rohtak, Jind or Hissar
Teekda: Jumbo chana bread
Thaali: Large bowl used to cool and drink milk
Thaansre: Dry fuel (hay) used in chulha
Thepdi: Dungcake (bit thin)
Thheka: Huge container to store grains
Thoodi : Chin
Tookani: Shiny (made with brass) designer water pitcher
Tubal : Tubewell
Yadi: Friend

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Haryanvi Dictionary haryana
Posted By : amit

 aacha hai yaar. hum logo ko hi haryana ko aage laana hai . kuch aur add karo we with u
sandeep choudhary
 By : sandeep choudhary on 10 May 2007 07:54 am
 Bahut badhia, Amit.
 By : YASH PAL on 19 Jun 2007 08:10 am
 Bhai suwaad agya, jama lath saa gaad rakhya sai.
 By : AJAY VASISHTH on 22 Jul 2007 10:03 am
Is there any "Learn Haryanvi in 30 Days" kind of a book available?

What about Haryanvi Songs and Haryanvi Movies. The thing is I'm in Love witha Haryanvi Jat and I want to Impress her !!!

Pls tell me sooon... at my Email: venkat_rishnank@rediffmail.com

Thanx a Zillion....U R doing a great Job...keep up the good show,
 By : Venkat Krishnan on 28 Oct 2007 02:48 pm
 Amit Bhai Ram Ram

or suna bhai k hoora say, ek baat bolun yar aaj internet pai yai cheag deak kai ghana accha laga. bhot bhadia bhai lega rai. or mahari koi help chaheia too bhai na yaad kar ley.

chal bhai khus rahai

daysa mai dais haryana
jai haryana.

 By : Pankaj Rathee on 12 Nov 2007 02:47 pm
 Amit Bhai Ram Ram

or suna bhai k hoora say, ek baat bolun yar aaj internet pai yai cheag deak kai ghana accha laga. bhot bhadia bhai lega rai. or mahari koi help chaheia too bhai na yaad kar ley.

chal bhai khus rahai

daysa mai dais haryana
jai haryana.

 By : Pankaj Rathee on 12 Nov 2007 02:47 pm
 By : pawan on 24 Nov 2007 04:40 am
 LO bhaio yo ghani andy site mili se
Haryanvi geet sangeet (songs and music )

or koi Haryanvi Link (website) mile to bhaio ade post kar dena
jai haryana
 By : Amit on 01 Dec 2007 06:17 am
 ghanna suthra naa likh rakhyaa itni te sabneh aavae sae.ghanna andy mat na pakkae.
 By : nidhi malik on 09 Jan 2008 01:38 pm
 By : ajay yadav on 12 Jan 2008 08:54 am
 jamma dhooome tha diye chorre katti badiya kaam kara sa bhai
 By : jat yamla pagla deewana on 14 Jan 2008 01:05 pm
 bahut chaaha likha hai yaar
 By : tapas on 25 Jan 2008 08:05 am
 I am sandeep dahiya from haryana india I jaat chora haryana
 By : sandeep dahiya on 24 Feb 2008 08:31 am
 My home shamlo khurd jind haryana and job in chandigarh (haryana)
 By : sandeep haryanvi on 24 Feb 2008 08:51 am
 AMIT BHAI RAM RAM KAISE HO. thuadi dictionary naal to maaza aa gaya. yaar meri naal ghaani musibat hai main nu haryanvi zyada nahin aandi hai tum koi kitab ya or koi cheez batao jis se main bhi jat hone ka pura maaza le saku. plz yaar batana jarrur.
 By : LALIT CHAHAL on 28 Feb 2008 02:14 pm
 By : Sanjeev Dhatterwal on 25 Mar 2008 01:26 am
 goo khaan ka soor ni aaya jaat-handsom banke
 By : chamar ka on 25 Mar 2008 08:52 am
 desa ma des haryana
jahan dhoodh dahi ka khana
 By : Hemant on 29 Apr 2008 12:02 pm
 arey bhai kasoote swad aa gaye bhai yo padh ke to...
main to kahun hum log mil ke blog banave hain ek .. aur ude ghane sare word ghal denge haryanvi ke.. :)
net pe sari language ke tutorial milya kare bas ek haryanvi ka kite nahi paanda.
kime karna padega.....
 By : Sourabh Girdhar on 16 May 2008 02:31 am
 kache se kat gaye yaar haryanvi dictionary internet pe dekh ke. Main ibe chennai main su ar mane apne sare gale ke madrasiyan te de di hai ya yaad karan khatar........Haryanvi ka parchar karo
 By : Anuj Sirohi on 13 Jun 2008 06:16 am
 bhai re katii bhakad sa paad diya....bhakad ke katii bighan sa macha diya...bhai sahab amit katti nyue lagya rahiye.....
 By : Naresh Kumar Garg on 13 Jun 2008 07:25 am
 kati andy lage hai bhai.....chora hi pada hai..........

plzzz temme wot does dis means??
 By : manoj on 21 Jun 2008 02:24 pm
 ram ram bhai saab ya aapne bahut chokha kera hai ak jine haryanvi ni andi una ne hum sikha sake hai aapka bahut bahut thanyawaad bhai sahab
 By : sahil walia on 23 Jun 2008 12:26 am
 Amit ji
I am working on a project to create Encyclopedia of Haryana in 5 volumes of 3000 pages. It is scheme of Haryana Govt only. I appreciate ur effort on net. If u have any type of DATAs about haryana, do write me or contact me. My Mob No is 92159 50203
 By : Dr (Mrs) Shamim Sharma on 10 Aug 2008 08:52 pm
 bahut he badiya lagga jb apni language ki dictionary dekhi tere jaise put he is pardesh ne aagge le k jaunge wish u all the best my dear frm heart
 By : sandeep jangra samalkha on 08 Dec 2008 08:11 am
 Hi all, is there any book or site where I can learn Haryanvi?I don't know even a bit of haryanvi, but my would be is from haryana. I want to learn so that i can talk to my mom (sasu ma right?) and impress my guy too. please help me learn it yaar.
 By : Jahnavi on 10 Dec 2008 05:06 am
bahut he badiya lagga jb apni language ki dictionary dekhi tere jaise put he is pardesh ne aagge le k jaunge wish u all the best my dear frm heart hhh

 By : RAMAN on 28 Dec 2008 03:09 am
 Mr. Amit it is awesome yaar.

i was also plannig to make a dictionarry like this but after this i have dropped my idea and decided to gine some value addition to this only..

we must do as punjabi community(sardar) do. Generally we (haryanvi) feel shy to spread our culture n speaking haryanvi. if people know the meaning of these words, they feel comfertable while talking to a haryanvi.

GOOD keep it up...

but i have a suggestion pl. add more words with different meanings i.e. gandas/ gandasa = Machine to cut fodder / is a comment, generally passed on girls.
 By : Rajesh Sindhu on 05 Jan 2009 05:38 am
 i wd like to learn hariyanvi language,can mail me sm site of that
 By : sanjivani on 16 Feb 2009 02:25 am
 keep up the spirit.....like the way it was all executed....actually haryanvi is nt a language according to our constitution and bcoz of that ppl are nt aware of haryana and the culture. u hav come up with a graet idea....simply gr8 dude.
 By : seema srikanth on 25 Mar 2009 05:48 am
 Amit bhai Ram Ram ek bar nahi 2 2 bar, likh to badiya rakhaya sa par esana or bda.taki do bhai or yaad rakhaya k kuch likh rakhaya sa.
 By : Satish kumar on 11 Apr 2009 05:14 am
 Amit Bhai koi ragni ke web site ho to mail kar diye. rahi baat chooriya ki,ki ghanna suthra ne likh rakhaya es baat ki parwah mat kareye.ye to nua bolya kara.( SATISH KUMAR SONEPAT HARYANA WALA) satish_kr21@yahoo.com
 By : satish kumar on 11 Apr 2009 05:34 am
 haryane ke kaya kahne rob ke liye nam hi kafi
 By : Ratan singh Badgujer on 26 May 2009 01:22 pm
 By : sandeep on 28 May 2009 02:49 am
 jaat mahan ke naam se ek site banaunga aur tare jaise dost ko us me samile karunga poore haryane me ghum ke badiya badiya photu garange.ram ram bhai
 By : hardeep dalal on 01 Jun 2009 03:52 am
 Bhai isme Gindi,Gindu- Ball, aur jodiye.
 By : Ajay Vasishth on 19 Jul 2009 12:51 am
 bhai ek galti h
choonghna is to [no swearing please] and not chew
 By : jaat on 05 Aug 2009 05:55 pm
 mera beta na dancha ka lath pralli main gad rakha hain
 By : parveen bhanwala on 20 Aug 2009 07:41 am
 bahut he badiya lagga jb apni language ki dictionary dekhi ab main bhi mera mumbai ke doston ko haryanvi bhasha ka 1-1 print nikal kar diya aur kaha deko mera haryana ki bhasha aur sikho, taki tum bhi bol sako " mera desh haryana jahan dudh dahi ka khana" main bhi aapse sahmat hoon haryan ki bahash ka parchaar karne main.

village, patwan
behal (haryana)
"jai haryana"
 By : manoj kumar sharma, Patwan, Behal on 02 Nov 2009 05:29 am
 bhai aage haryanvi ne aur badda lo jamma meja aa g gya bahut he badiya lagga jb apni language ki dictionary dekhi ab main bhi mera mumbai ke doston ko haryanvi bhasha ka 1-1 print nikal kar diya aur kaha deko mera haryana ki bhasha aur sikho, taki tum bhi bol sako " mera desh haryana jahan dudh dahi ka khana" main bhi aapse sahmat hoon haryan ki bahash
 By : SUKHBIR LADWA(HISAR)9812510520 on 01 Dec 2009 04:26 am
 bhai amit,bhoat aai achaa kam karya sai, ji raji ho gya.khas tor sai angraizi(english)nai hamarai jisian ka bhi bhala kar dia jina nai hindi nai aandi.kam nai aur bharotri dai.yoh eik panna thora sai. rao inam (pakistan)
 By : rao inam on 26 Dec 2009 02:20 pm
 aaj jatland pai amit bhai haryanvi dictionary ka thara kam daikhia bohat khushi hoi k hamari boli barohtri kar ri sai.thari mehrbani sai haryanvi bolan aa lian pai. kanwar ikram,pakistan
 By : kanwar ikram on 27 Dec 2009 02:24 pm
 amit jee, hamari boli dob ri thi,par thara kam daikh k lagy sai k juldi aai asmana pai urai gi. humnai aur mehnat karni ho gi.Rao Hashmat Advocate (nazim donga bonga)pakistan
 By : RAO HASHMAT ADVOCATE (nazim donga bonga) on 27 Dec 2009 02:34 pm
 Thanks bro, ur article hd helpd me a lot..!
 By : soniya on 11 Feb 2010 11:18 am
 Dear Amit,

It's good to promote the state language and it could be helpful to peoples who don't know Haryanvi. Keep it up goodluck.

Sandy Boy
 By : Sandy on 05 Mar 2010 07:09 am
 array....manne badhia laga yo haryanvi dictionary..... bahut accha laga.. print my comment....... jaaaaiii haryana
 By : nishant choudhary on 08 Mar 2010 02:06 am
 By : HANSRAJ (MONTU) on 22 Mar 2010 06:33 am
 By : HANSRAJ(CHIRYA) on 22 Mar 2010 06:54 am
 It is supar and mind blowing
 By : YOGRAJ EXCISE on 26 Mar 2010 02:11 am
 wonderful n nice collection
 By : suresh on 26 Mar 2010 02:14 am
 bhai ke haal hai
ya dictionary dekh ke to jisa aaga jey kise t batana pade to is ka pata de denge.
bahut badiya laga rehay........... best of luck
 By : Rajesh Hooda on 05 Apr 2010 12:11 am
 Bhai Ram Ram. bahut badhiya.
 By : sher singh ( central excise Ambala) on 07 Apr 2010 07:43 am
 ram ram bhaiyo
yar aaj ya dictionary dekh swad aagya. hamne thoda aur hard work karna padega popularity hasil karne khatir.bhaiyo meri sabte request hai ki bahar aaye pichhe kai balak punjabi bolni start karde hai(wo aachi baat hai doosri languaage sikho lekin itni bhi na sikho ki aapni bhool jao) ara bhaiyo aapni alag pehchan banao. ara lage rho .
keep rocking
 By : AMIT LATHER on 18 Apr 2010 11:21 pm
 teri jhaki ke me gola maaru,baant gopiya san ka
ik nisana chukan du na main chaliya balakpan ka
lath gad do bhaiyo
 By : rajesh on 02 May 2010 04:56 am
 Kati ghee sa ghaldia bhai dhei ke mah...gurgaon
 By : Nitin kataria on 11 May 2010 07:16 am
 "Neeju: Rope"

its actually "NAIJU" meaning "a rope that is used for drawing water from a well"
 By : dharambir on 12 May 2010 05:58 am
 ustaaz tu b daakii e pdya h...i proud of you bhai..
 By : sachin dahiya on 18 May 2010 10:26 am
 both badia bhai laga re haryanvi sekan ka badia tarika hai...
 By : PARVEEN DALA on 04 Jun 2010 12:30 pm
 Good attempt Amit, Keep it up.

Haryana sacchi mein Gr8 say, aur hum haryanvi India ki Hope say.

Jay Haryana
 By : Navnish Sharma on 28 Jul 2010 01:56 pm
 desan me desh hariyana jit dudh dahi ka khana
 By : ravinder dadholiya on 08 Sep 2010 05:20 am
 hey its very nice to see our language dictionary on net... keep it up dear.....

or manne haryanvi gaane download karne hain... wo kit te karu???? ke site hai haryanvi gaana ki???
 By : poonam hooda on 02 Oct 2010 05:47 am
 By : JAT on 05 Oct 2010 05:21 am
 congrates aap ne bhut badhiya kosis kari. mere hisab te tan pura hanga la rakha s. par ib kami rah rahi s . bhai laaga rah har is ne or badha.
 By : Kailash Kataria on 13 Oct 2010 02:47 am
 bhai bhoot khoob
 By : naveen parasher on 08 Dec 2010 01:08 am
 There is some thing missing in this but its osom so isse bathawa do
 By : Ajay Solanki on 13 Dec 2010 04:29 pm
 Ye haryanvi jokes ka collection mujhe bhut badhiya lga..
 By : Vikram on 20 Jan 2011 03:34 am
 bhai likh to tek rakh h par kuch baki s jukar otada,khhat, bane,firni,musal,bhas hari hona,gaban,paath,hero,tuda,thareser,molad,gandas,jakoi,manas,dokey,bakher,khatka,bahhan,khagad,kakar,barhna.pole, bas bot hogaya add kukar kar bata di m kati tali su handsome jaat andi jaat from Rohtak
 By : sudhir khatri on 21 Jan 2011 03:54 am
 By : Sudhir khatri on 21 Jan 2011 05:31 am
 O chmar k goo khan ka soor tanay hoga jaat n kone anta tum khanty raho jaat t gee churma khaya kar,nidi malik ji or harp app bata do chohra jaat ka tora thhat ka
 By : SUDHIR KHATRI on 22 Jan 2011 03:22 am
 bhai jaat te maje len tai ho hai or gaama mai te or bhi maje aawe se jab poli mai bath ke hooka pive or taua ki baat sunn mai bhot maje aave hai jab 2,4 tau bathe ho tab or maja aawe se poli mai bath ke dekho ek bar tau dhore ........:)
 By : amit thakran on 31 Mar 2011 02:01 am
 Dosto bhaut maaja ayaa internet pai haryanvi pad ke.. Lage raho bhaiyo
 By : Suresh Kumar Parjapati on 16 Jun 2011 03:02 am

 By : karan vir sharma on 24 Aug 2011 05:02 pm
 Jaat k Thaat......Hukka aur Khaat
 By : kavita phogaat on 29 Sep 2011 09:06 pm
 Bhai internet pe lath gaad diye....
 By : Nitin saini on 15 Oct 2011 07:58 am
 Bahot Badhiya Prayaas kar rakhya se bhai. Haryanvi Rocks
 By : Yogender Siwach on 16 Nov 2011 05:20 am
 bhae moj kar rakhi sa, maine ek bihari ta haryanavi ka bara main batai thi wo ullu[no swearing please] manya hi konya. ar bha ek baat or sa lath sa gaad rakhya sa haryanvi ka.
 By : Naveen Nanwaya on 31 Jan 2012 03:18 am
 bhai....haryane ke khun main ghana jor sai..arr kati nayun maja sa aagya yo kaam dekh ka....keep it up!
 By : capt. vikas malik(army) on 16 Feb 2012 01:44 am
 there is complete resolution of right ovarian cyst as compared to previos doppler study, please correlate clinically
findings are s/o small complex echogenic cystic lession in left ovary, haemorrhagic follicle/corpus luteum
 By : nafees on 18 Feb 2012 11:33 pm
 Dudh dahi ka khana yahe mera haryana
 By : Ashok Duhan on 16 Mar 2012 02:57 am
 bhot endi kaam kar rakhya sae bhai...dhumme thha rakhe h jma....:)
 By : Sahil Goel on 11 May 2012 02:28 pm
 add me on fb......www.facebook.com/mastharyanvi
 By : sahil goel on 11 May 2012 02:30 pm
 Mast yaar... Bdi chokhi daal rakhi h dictionary to :)
 By : Mohan on 15 Jun 2012 11:09 pm
 helo yadi (friend)
mage rote pa gee dase vo duda dahe ka khana dote kudaor goma gaagra mera badl gaya haryana,
kudta paha gat dekhava na pahr gat dakna na ,
ho ravinder mundlia gat datla kiu hora sa marn n
nae bahu ka od pahar k [naughty word removed]gya pangat jana,
ho dote kudta or guma gaagra [naughty word removed]gya dase vana mera badl gya haryana .
Ravinder mundlia from saharwa
 By : RAVINDER MUNDLIA on 28 Jan 2013 02:51 am
 Hi..Thanks for your valuable contribution.

I am a East Indian And want to learn Haryanvi. This is some how different in pronunciation of sentence we speak. It is help full If anybody can comeup with something like easy sentence translation from hindi to Haryanvi.

can someone simple translate these.

-Aap keise ho?
-Aap ki ghar pe sab thik h na ?
-Kaha jaa rahe ho.
-Kya kaam h.
-Aisa Kyu karte ho.
-Aap kab aaoge.
-Wo bahut majak karta h.
 By : Sanatana on 05 Aug 2013 08:27 am
 Jat mailab hanuman. Dusre ka Panga mol lane
 By : joginder panihar on 23 Jul 2014 10:36 pm
 Ram ram jaat bhaiyo.... m thara jaat bhai muzzafarnagar u.p mjhe b haryana dheer gana acha lga...... mst
Kya haal h sbke
 By : Neelkamal singh dhaka on 07 Aug 2014 10:32 pm
 Wah re chore kachche kaat rakhe hai tanna
haryanaka naam uncha chadha diya tanne to
man kara sa tera dhore aake tera ta milan ka
chokha sabhai laagya re nyui
ib chhore ja lath bajavan aavage to haryanvi to authri bak lenge nhi nyui haad bhele karne pada the unake
 By : gaurav on 08 Aug 2014 11:25 pm
 Bhai apki bhasha muje pasnad hai. ,me bhi koshish karrha hun sikhne ki..:)
 By : yaseen on 22 Oct 2014 09:54 am
 I wud lik to learn haryanvi basic language at least as I m committed to a boy who is frm Haryana ..and I wud luv to giv him a surprise .. :)
 By : Dr.Pratheeksha on 20 Jan 2015 07:47 am
 jmma tod se bhtthaa diye r bhai
 By : Naveen Dhillo on 20 Mar 2015 04:12 pm
 k haal h bhaiyo.....
 By : Himanshu Dhaka on 08 Apr 2015 12:46 am
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